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Our Purpose

Healthy Brain Function > Happy Life


Neurogenesis, is a Central Coast practice serving Santa Barbara, Orcutt, and San Luis Obispo.  Clark Elliot PhD, MFT, BCIA, is the Clinical Director and has been doing neurofeedback since 1977.  His contemporaries comprise the heart and soul of what neurofeedback has become in today's technologies.  Clark is well known for his work with veterans, as he himself served in the Army. His scope of practice includes; depression/anxiety, sleep issues, ADD/ADHD, addiction recovery He has risen through the ranks of serving clients and will be the subject of a feature motion picture about the vast health benefits neurofeedback offers.  He is the subject of an upcoming feature length documentary film on neurofeedbacks benefits. Today he passes on his vast talent and knowledge to his neurofeedback technician, Nicole Boughton.

Nicole, has a degree in Early Childhood Development, as well as Psychology (and photography if that counts).  She has studied neurofeedback at the Othmer Institute, and will soon be an LCSW.  Her position as neurofeedback technician includes work with Marna Scarry Larkin, SLP where they use neurofeedback for a variety of conditions including; ADD/ADHD, stroke, concussive injury, sports recovery, and developmental delays.  She studied studio arts extensively.  She has 19 years of volunteer work in the drug recovery field and also has a strong presence in the local autism community.

Specializing in Compassionate Neuronal Training


Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression and Addiction​​For clients waking up to a busy brain or for those suffering from panic attacks, Neurogenesis can help calm the brain down on a subconscious level.  It works to train neuronal networks in remapping areas of the brain that get over aroused which results in feeling anxious.


Sometimes we don't understand why relationships can be so hard, and why the people we care about seem to misunderstand us.  Neurogenesis can help a person understand their place in the world and in relationships.  It reduces the noise in oneself so they may be more present for others and engage in relationships on a deeper level.

Adjunct Therapy

Because of the dramatic changes neurofeedback can have on a client I encourage therapists to send their patients to me so we may work in tandem for remarkable progress in areas where one has been stuck.  Neurofeedback is not intended to replace talk therapy but can enhance healing work.

Focus & Creativity

Bringing the best out of your brain is what we seek in setting goals, ambitions and desires.  Optimizing your brain to cope with stress and maximize its ability to focus and create is what balancing the brain's' electrical activity can do to help bring out your best performance.  When your in a flow and your feeling happy and relaxed you reach beyond what you cognitively think up.  You have a connection to something deeper in your central nervous system.  Life becomes a delight and a wonderful place.  That's what it means to optimize your brain.  Your brain knows where it wants to doesn't always know how to get there.  Neurogenesis neurofeedback (NFB) can help.  


Depression can be a feeling of deep sadness or a unreachable desperateness for meaning.  When the brain is not activated enough in certain areas we don't feel like we can cope with life.  Neurogenesis brings the brain into balance so it can find it's optimum balance, resulting in a lighter, calmer ease in day to day life. 


Neurofeedback works at the subconscious level affecting the hindbrain (or fight/flight response) - this is where trauma often hides and rears its head in ways that make daily routines very difficult.  Your brain does everything in it's power to cope but often can't deal with trauma especially if it was a war or early childhood/developmental trauma.  Neurogenesis uses a particular type of neurofeedback that reaches to the center of your subconscious to offload trauma and lighten the load of every day challenges.

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