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Nicole Boughton, A.S., B.S., NFBT 
With experience in psychology with a speech therapy influence Nicole brings a compassionate presence to the art of being a versatile practitioner of neurofeedback.  With a keen sensitivity for healing and promoting mindful living, she's uses neurofeedback to get at the original source of the problem; the brain.

It's All About You

I'm a just a messenger, with an amazing resource for this community. Several years ago, I needed help for my son, and through an amazing chain of events I found neurofeedback.  I needed to find something that would give him some relief with school stress.  In short, he exceeded all expectations placed on him by educational & medical professionals through his neurofeedback therapy.  It completely changed his trajectory and helped him achieve a new life, one without drugs.

Years later, when I was an adult student in college panicking over not passing crucial classes I, too, went in for neurofeedback.  It settled my mind and I was able to function, comprehend the material, pass my tests and graduate–that's my college graduation portrait from 2015.


Now, it's my honor and privilege to share this incredible technology with you, your children, your family or your friends.  Let's face it, who doesn't need to be more mentally balanced at this point in time?  I don't fix the brain wave–I allow it to see itself in a mirror, through a video game, and find it's own balance. Your brain knows what it wants: to be happy and calm, but it doesn't know how to get there. That's where I come in.

Sometimes your brain will reach for alcohol for sedation or cocaine for focus.  It might over eat or under eat for comfort.  You may be dealing with stress and need an objective perspective. Whatever your goals are, let's train your brain together and open the door to a healthier, happier life.

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Dr. Clark Elliot
Dr. Elliot is the foremost leader of neurofeedback on the Central Coast.  With over 30 years experience, he has been on the cutting edge of this technology with the field's leading researchers. Dr. Elliot is the supervising force of Neurogenesis, and also offers talk therapy and hypno-therapy.

Stopping Smoking 
Weight Loss
Pain Management
Overcoming Fears

Performance Enhancement
Stress Management
Emotional Mastery
Self Hypnosis & Meditation Classes

Dr. Elliot Also Offers Hypno-Therapy for:

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