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  • Audrey MacD

These electrodes are READ-ONLY

Electrodes used with infralow neurofeedback are what you see in this photo. They read the electrical activity that your brain cells create. They do not stimulate or do any electro-shock therapy, a common misconception in neurofeedback. These electrodes help your brain see what it's doing which acts like a mirror for your brain so it can align and balance. This is helpful for decreasing stress, anxiety, suicidal ideations and other symptoms we wish would just GO AWAY!

Here's the thing, if your brain could just wish away it would and we wouldn't have mental health problems. The problem is that your brain doesn't work that way-bummer right? Neurofeedback helps your brain see what it's doing so it can help it feel better. That's what every brain wants, whether it's in a lizard, man, child, or dog.

Want to learn more? We're at the Lapidus Clinic in Avila Beach California, as well as in Orcutt, and Santa Barbara. Go back to the home page to learn more about making an appointment.

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